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Barbapapa Gifts and Decor

Date of birth: 1974
Creators: Annette TISON, Talus TAYLOR

Back in the 1970s, the funny, shape-changing Barbapapa first saw the light of day at the home of François and Claudine. To start with, he was just a little ball in ground. But he grew and grew until one day, he popped out of the ground and was promptly adopted by François and Claudine's family. However, Barbapapa soon grew lonely, and left to travel the world in search of other barbapapas. But none could be found. On returning to François and Claudine, a Barbamama came out of the ground. It was love at first sight! Before long, lots of barbababies were born, each with their own personality:

- Barbazoo (the yellow, animal-loving one boy barba)

- Barbalib (the orange, scholarly girl barba)
- Barbabeau (the furry, artistic boy barba)
- Barbabright (the scientific boy barba)
- Barbidur (the strong boy barba)

- Barbabelle (the pretty girl barba)
- Barbalala (the green, musician girl barba)
They went on to build a rolypoly house and have lots of instructive adventures!

We now are stocking a fun selection of Barbapapa gifts in all the Barba characters.
Barbapapa bathroom accessories, Barbapapa clocks, Barbapapa glasses and Barbapapa coffee mugs.
All Barbapapa all the time. Just ask if there is some other Barbapapa item you want to get.

Barbapapa Shower Curtain vinyl ,RIDEAU DOUCHE BARBABAPA FLOWERS.
Barbapapa Vinyl Shower Curtain

In stock now $29.99CND Visit my Amazon Shop

Barbapapa ceramic soap dish , PORTE SAVON CERAM.BLEU 3D BARBAPAPA

Barbapapa ceramic soap dish
5" x 3 1/2" size

In stock now   $32.95CND

Barbapapa duvet cover, housse du couette

Duvet cover with out Pillowcase $99.99

Barbapapa glass, verre rose

Barbapapa glass. This barbapapa drinking glass has images of Pink Barbapapa.
The glass is cone shaped with blue background and Pink Barbapapa on the glass.
The glass is aprox 3 1/4" tall .

Barbapapa wall stickers.

Wonderfull large Barbapapa wall stickers
These Barbapapa stickers will sell for $48.35 per image
or set of two.
The large Barbapapa is almost 3 feet tall.
We  are have limited qty of the large Barbapapa stick ups in stock .
We do not sell clothng, but check out this store for cool Smurf shirts

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  Obelix tirelire, obelix piggy bank form obelix and asterix
Obelix Piggy Bank of the comic stories Asterix and Obelix.
This is such a fun looking savings bank in the shape of the round character Obelix.
The bank is made of plastic and hand painted. 
Visit my Asterix Store for this and more fun Gaul products.


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Star : Barbapapa

Date de naissance : 1974
Créateurs : Annette TISON, Talus TAYLOR

"Hup hup hup barbatruc !" Vous souvenez-vous de cette célèbre formule ?
Elle annonçait le changement de forme de ces drôles d’êtres aux couleurs des seventies... Barbapapa naquit un jour dans le jardin de la maison de François et Claudine. D'abord, ce ne fût qu'une petite boule dans la terre. Puis cette petite boule grossit, et plus encore avec la pluie de mai. Puis il sortit de terre et fut adopté par la famille de François et Claudine. Mais Barbapapa finit par s'ennuyer. Il partit faire le tour du monde à la recherche d'autres barbapapas. Mais il n'en trouva nulle part. À son retour chez François et Claudine, une Barbamama sortit de terre à son tour. Ce fût le grand amour. De leur union naquit plein de barbabébés, avec chacun leur personnalité :
- Barbidou (le barbajaune qui aime les animaux)
- Barbotine (la barbaorange érudite)
- Barbouille (l’artiste barbanoir, et seul barbapapa poilu)
- Barbibul (le scientifique barbableu)
- Barbidur (le costaud barbarouge)
- Barbabelle (la coquette barbaviolette)
- Barbalala (la musicienne barbaverte)
Ils se construiront une maison toute en rondeurs, et vivront plein d'aventures instructives !

Que diriez-vous de quelques autocollants de mur de Barbapapa.
Adhésif décoratif  de Barbapapa


Barbapapa Shower Curtain vinyl ,RIDEAU DOUCHE BARBABAPA FLOWERS.

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