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How about Doughboy Cutting Boards, we have 2 styles in stock.

Only $39.99US
We have 2 styles of the Doughboy cutting boards in glass
The Size of these Glass Pillsbury Doughboy kitchen 

cutting boards  are 15" x 12" .

Pillsbury Doughboy Blue Eyes Glass cutting board  An etched look on a clear Pillsbury Doughboy cutting board.

Buy the Blue Eyes  Board Here 

Buy The Clear Board Here



     Enamled Steel Pillsbury Doughboy items like canisters and stock pots.

Pillsbury Doughboy Enamled Steel canister set in the
 All American Pattern set is sold for $79.95US dollars
including shipping
All amirican canister

Pillsbury doughboy kitchen collectible  3pc metal canister set with the chef pattern of the Pillsbury Doughboy .  This Pillsbury Doughboy canister set has Wood lids with air tight seal. The largest canister is aprox 8" x 7" , the medium is aprox 7" x 6" and the small one is aprox 6" x 5" .
The pattern is the same on the front and the back.
These are heavy steel and enamled finish for good looks and durability.

Limited qty of these Doughboy collectibles are  left. 

The Reston Lloyd Collectible Doughboy Canisters  have been discontinued .

Buy the Canister Set
Now Here

Matching All American Pattern Pillsbury Doughboy Mini Stock Pots.

All American Doughboy stock pot set  Doughboy Chef stock pots
$99.95US dollars a set of 3 with lids.
This beautifull Pillsbury Doughboy enamel on steel mini stock pot  comes in a set of three with lids . This set is 1.5qt, 2.5qt and 3.5qt. The Pillsbury "Chef" pattern has a white background with blue diamonds featuring the Pillsbury Doughboy in the center of the diamond.

 The All American Doughboy has a repeating pattern of squares, doughboys and apples and apple pies. Sorry this is the only pattern of the Stock Pots still in stock. These Doughboy items were discontinued many years ago and have been in storage in our store for a very long time. 


Chef Pattern here

More Fun Pillsbury Doughboy items

Really Functional Pillsbury Doughboy items

Doughboy steamer sets for the microwave.

Pillsbury Doughboy microwave oven stemer sets.

Pillsbury Doughboy microwave steamer set. 

This Three piece set is now available in both the Chef Pillsbury Doughboy and the All American Boy Pillsbury Doughboy .The All American Boy Pillsbury Doughboy microwave steamer set is Brand new just arrived. Each 3 peice set of these Pillsbury Doughboy Microwave steamers have snap on lids with a movable steamer valve. You can keep the steam in or vent it. 
The large bowl is 1.25 quarts   and aprox 8"  wide and aprox 3" tall with the lid.
Medium Bowl is 1 quart and  6" wide and aprox 2 1/2 inches tall.
The small bowl is 0.75 quart  and aprox 5 1/2 inches wide by 2 inches tall 

These sets of Pillsbury Doughboy Steamers
are sold individually for $49.99US a set including shipping .

Buy the All American Set Here

Buy the Chef Set Here

Pillsbury Doughboy Chef Pattern 
Decorative Melamine Trivet

Pillsbury Doughboy Melamine Trivet, chef style

  This Pillsury Doughboy decorative trivet is made of durable Melamine.
The trivet features the Chef pattern of the Pillsbury Doughboy and is
aprox 8" in diameter.
This trivet coordinates with all of the white 
Pillsbury Doughboy Chef style patterns.

$19.95US each for the Chef pattern Melamine Trivet including shipping.

Buy the Trivet, Melamine Now. 

Doughboy ceramic trivet

We also have ceramic style 
Pillsbury Doughboy Trivets Available

$24.95 US , Buy it now Ceramic trivet
including Shipping.

Popn fresh Doughboy by Pillsbury spoonrest

A traditional spoon rest shape with a  Doughboy as the handle spoon rest .
Pillsbury Doughboy spoon rest with Doughboy handle        

Ceramic spoon rest shaped like a standard kitchen spoonrest. The handle of the spoon rest has the shape of the doughboy.
The sppon rest with the Pillsbury Doughboy handle is 7" long aprox and 2 1/2" wide aprox.

Buy Now $24.95US including shipping

Prices are in US Dollars 

and are subject to change. 
Currency values change every day, 
so our prices my go up or down without notice.

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