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Such a wonderful story ,  a French Comic (Graphic Novels) set in the USA Wild West . The first book was written in 1946 and there are now 82 stories in French and over 50 have been now translated into English. cartoon and movies , both animated and live action have been made. Don't know who Lucky Luke is, well you should.

Check out this English dubbed Cartoon .

Being the 70th Anniversary of Lucky Luke, many new products will be available this year. Special edition books will are available in French and we have a selection of  English books as well.
Check out the wonderful Lucky Luke products that
Michael Rodent's will have available to sell this year the
70th Anniversary of Lucky Luke.

Now everyone wants a great Cup of Coffee by the Campfire, what could be better than this great Lucky Luke coffee mug.
Lucky Luke Mug Red, Faster than his Shadow
Check out the all images of these two really nice Lucky Luke Mugs.
Available separately, you choose the
All Red Silhouette mug
or the Red and White Lucky Shooting his Shadow Mug.
$29.99CND ea
Lucky Luke Coffee MugSmall image Lucky Luke Red Mug
Order Lucky Luke Mug for Canadian Shipping GST Extra . Shipping $2.99  (Tell us how many you want)   
In Manitoba You need to Pay PST & GST
Lucky Luke Coffee Mug for Manitoba  (or HST Provinces)
Lucky Luke Mug Manitoba (HST provinces) Shipping PST GST Extra Shipping $2.99 ea
If you are outside of Canada Please order the Lucky Luke Mug Here.
Lucky Luke Coffee Mug Shipping USA & World Wide
Lucky Luke Mug (Tell us how many you want)  Shipping $6.99ea
And if you want to go and
give this mug as a gift ,
why not add a great cotton
Lucky Luke tote bag.
Images show front and back.
 Red and White sold separately.
Lucky Luke shopping totes
Each sold separately, the white or the red style, the image here shows the front and back .These are a nice heavy weight canvas style cotton bag. They measure
32cm wide and 36cm tall.
57cm with the handles . Handles are aprox 2.5 cm wide.
Only $19.99 CND each including Free Shipping in Canada.
Lucky Luke Tote Bag Canada
Order Lucky Luke Cotton Bag For Canada Shipping GST only Provinces (Shipping included)
In Manitoba You need to Pay PST and GST.
Lucky Luke Tote Bag
Order Lucky Luke Cotton Bag for Manitoba Or HST Provinces  PST & GST Extra (Shipping free)
Order the Lucky Luke Tote for USA or World Wide  here. (Shipping $4.99)
Lucky Luke Tote Bag USA World Wide (Shipping $4.99ea)
Order Lucky Luke Cotton Bag (Tell us how many you want.)

More Great Lucky Luke Gifts include these lovely Spiral Note Books.
Each sold individually White or Red.
Each note book is 50 pages
and 148mm x 210mm in size.
Red Note Book Lucky luke white through the years note book

Lucky Luke Note Book Canada
Order Lucky Luke Notebook GST Provinces Extra Shipping Canada $1.99
In Manitoba you need to pay PST & GST

Lucky Luke Note Book Manitoba
Order Lucky Luke Notebook   PST GST Extra Manitoba  or HST Provinces  $1.99 Shipping 
USA Ordering for the Lucky Luke Notebook.

Lucky Luke Notebook Shipping to USA $4.99 each
Order Lucky Luke Notebook  USA Shipping 

How about a Great Set of Lucky Luke Fridge Magnets.
Lucky Luke Magnets
A set of 3 Fridge Magnets that are aprox
5cm x 5cm in size  each.
 $12.99 set 3

Lucky Luke Magnet Set 3  $12.99 GST Extra  Canada GST Provinces Shipping $1.99
Lucky Luke Magnet Set 3 $12.99 Manitoba PST & GST Extra . Manitoba or HST Provinces  Shipping $1.99

All of these great Lucky Luke products in stock now in limited quantities , please order now to be sure you get yours.
Quatities will be limited in North America, so order now.

How about Books.
Lucky Luke Books that is, Trade Paperbacks.
Several stories are being reprinted in French
especially for the 70th Anniversary.  
Michael Rodent's will offer these books in both
French and English.
A052065 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Belle province 12,95 $
A052071 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Dalton dans le blizzard  12,95 $ 
A052062 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Jesse James  12,95 $
A052063 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Canyon Apache 12,95 $
A052064 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Grand duc  12,95 $
A052066 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Lucky Luke contre Pat Poker  12,95 $ 
A052067 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Hors-la-loi 12,95 $
A052068 OP Lucky Luke 2016 En remontant le Mississippi  12,95 $
A052069 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Dalton se rachètent  12,95 $
A052070 OP Lucky Luke 2016 Calmity Jane 12,95 $

Please order here for the French  Livres for Shipping to Canada MB and HST Provinces

Lucky Luke Livre choisir pour Canada  (HST 13%)  (Shipping $1.99 per book)
Please  order here for GST only Provinces

Lucky Luke Livre choisir GST 5% (Shipping $1.99 per book)

Please order here for the French Lucky Luke Livres for Shipping to the USA

Lucky Luke Livre choisir  (Shipping $4.99 per book)
For The English Versions of the Lucky Luke Books , Order Here.

Lucky Luke Books in English Part 1  for GST Provinces.   Shipping $1.99 each
Lucky Luke Books English (part 2) for GST Provinces.  Shipping $1.99 each

Lucky Luke Books for Manitoba
or HST Provinces Shipping $1.99 each

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