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Eddie our Not So Fat Cat
Eddie's Caregiver says
Don't Text and Drive
 It seems as though many people do not get this idea that driving requires your attention, Texting and Driving ( even at a stop sign or red light) is not concentrating on your Driving. You will crash when texting and driving sometime, why risk it.
Your Pet will never understand WHY you did not come home.
Remind your loved ones with these Visor Clips.
A Eddie says don;t Text visor clip  B Eddie Likes Puppies as well Visor Clips

These great
Clips for Your Visor are
only $15. each Cnd
including Tax and Shipping.
Choose your Visor Clip
Pick your Style

These are Visor Clips to remind your loved ones and food providors to remember not to Text and Drive.

Here is the Back. Back of the Visor Clips
These Visor Clips range from 5.7 to 6.4 cm H
(2 " to 2 " H).
Also Available these Paws itive Inspirational Visor Clips.

C Meow Visor Clip D Bark visor clip E Paws on the wheels visor clip

Any of these Clips for your Car Visor will make you think and hopefully you will remember to Not Text and Drive.
$15 each or 3 for $40.
Price includes
Shipping and Taxes

F Dog or Cat Visor Clips G

Choose your Visor Clip
Pick your Style

Pre order now for Delivery in Early February .
$15 each or 3 for $40.
Price includes
Shipping and Taxes

Here is Eddie on a Mug  your Shopping pleasure.

Eddie mug  
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Last Updated  January 2 2017