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Pre Order Figures for North America.
Tennth Doctor figure shown with package
Now That Underground-Toys USA is going in a new Direction ,
you all need a new place to get your Character Options Doctor WHO Figures.
Here it is.
First off and most likely the most Popular Figure
David Tennant , The Tennth Doctor in a Tuxedo.
Based on the
scenes from “Rise of Cybermen” and “Voyage of the Damned!"
This Figure is 5.5 inches tall and has David Tennats image along
with a scale Sonic Screwdriver.
David Tennant new figure pre orderTennth Doctor figure shown with package
Such fun and from what we here the detail is great.
I am planning to get these in from the UK and save you all a few Dollars as well.
It has been a very poor sales year and need your help.
Pre order so I can get them please.
Pre order now. Price Includes Shipping and Taxes
Choose the style (Price includes Shipping and Taxes)
How Many of Each?

The two new 12th Doctor Figures show Peter Capaldi in different outfits.
We always want our favorite style of pants or jacket, so why not have the figure dressed right.

Love the Checked Paint, retro baby.
Peter Capaldi with hoodie, funky shirt and his new style Sonic.
12th doctor hoddie, checked pants figure pre orderShowing the package design, pre order 12th doctor figure
Please pre order and save.
Price includes Shipping and Taxes
The second 12th Doctor Figure has Peter in the standard black trousers.  Hoodie and Black Jumper (sweater shirt for non UK people) .
This is a standard 5.5 inch figure and is a pre order.
Black pant Capaldi figurePeter Capaldi figure with black pants , package view.
Choose the style (Price Includes Shipping and Taxes)
How Many of Each?
I would really love to offer the Tardis interior Play Set, but the shipping is going to be very expensive from the UK . Not sure I want to even tell you a price. If you want to know, email me.

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