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Tardis Lava Lamp

These great "LAVA" style Motion Lamps are Aprox 15 " tall.
The glass "rotor" tube is aprox 8" long and 2 1/4" wide. There is a glow from under as well as the light coming from the tube, so a very cool mood light.
In Stock Now for ordering.
The plastic "Colsole" deck is 8.5 inches across flat and 10 inches point to point.
Great for posing with an 8" figure.

The world of WHO is in termoil, give your seld a bit of good news, order a "LAVA" Lamp now for only $79.99 cnd including Taxes and Shipping.

"LAVA" Lamp Special $79.99 cnd including Taxes and Shipping

Check out my store video of the lamp.

Doctor Who Story Cubes
And now Rory has created Doctor WHO Story Cubes.  So much fun. A great game to help develope imagination for younger fans and a fun after diner game for us older Doctor WHO Fans. For the first time since September 2016
Michael Rodent's is pleased to say that we have the Doctor WHO Story Cubes in stock.
Check out this fun Real Paul McGann Video on how to play the Game. So much Fun.

Now you know how much fun you can have , you should order them right now.
Only $26. CND including shipping and Taxes.

Doctor WHO Story Cubes

Doctor Second Sonics.

12th sonic number 2
The Doctor's multipurpose tool features numerous settings. It can open most locks, detect all manner of deadly rays, read bio-signs and can generate sonic  waves of great power.
It does, however, have a bit of trouble effecting wood...The Doctor has carried many Sonic Screwdrivers of various designs throughout his lifetimes, ranging from a simple silver colored tube to more complex illuminated and articulated versions. For a while he relinquished the classic hand-held screwdriver in favor of a pair of 'hands-free' Sonic Shades, but now he's upgraded to a brand new model of the ultimate gadget!his latest revision is brighter and more complex than before. Time will tell if it gets the Doctor into more trouble than it helps him out of! For Ages 5 years plus. This Sonic features static, pulsate &
chase light modes and four sound FX.
Replica of the Doctor's trusty Sonic Device.
This toy version replicates the Twelfth Doctors Sonic which debuted in the Series 9 Episode 'Hell Bent'. Requires 3 x AG13/LR44 button cell batteries
(demo batteries included)

12th Second out of Stock right now

We have just rec'd a restock shipment of the  following Sonics.
3rd Doctor's Sonic $35Cnd  Taxes and Shipping Included
3rd Doctor Sonic
5th Doctor's Sonic
5th Doctor sonic
War Doctor's Sonic
War Doctor Sonic
Trans Temporal Sonic
Trans Temporal Sonic
With the TARDIS trapped on Earth in a Trans-temporal schism, the Doctor find himself at the centre of four time zones. As with each previous time the TARDIS generates a new sonic screwdriver for the Doctor but this time it is created in the style of each time zone, Elizabethan, Victorian, Present Day and Future London.With additional features including a ‘wood’ setting, the Doctor must try and free the TARDIS before time runs out. Replica sonic screwdriver with 8 new sound effects

Captain Jack's Vortex Manipulator
Vortex manipulator and sonic
Order Now Only $35.00 CND
Including Shipping and Taxes

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