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Dr who scarfs
Although we are a decor store,
Doctor Who is so much about the costumes and outfits that we have to sell these items as well.
Tom Baker was the actor who played the Doctor from
1974 to 1981 , the Longest of any
 Actors to play the Doctor.

Tom Baker's signature was his long scarf.
We have available a replica of his scarf ,
a full 12 feet long  for adults $59.99Cnd
 or 6 foot for younger Doctor Who Fans $34.99Cnd.

Doctor Who Tom Baker Scarf
The 12 foot Doctor Who scarf
will wrap around twice
 and still go to the floor on most people.
The 12 foot and 6 foot are also available in the season 18 Burgundy style. Season 18 doctor who scarf

These are all Elope brand scarves suitable for everyday use.
Mega Sized 17 foot is $99.99CND
 including Shipping and Tax.
17 foot scarf, oh my

Tom Baker Scarf Choose your Size
Choose your size Wisely
Available now to Order :
The 7th Doctor Jumper ( Sweater Vest)
7th Doctor Jumper Me with the umbrella  

The only officially licensed BBC Doctor Who Seventh Doctor Jumper
Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor briefly tried a Napoleon-inspired look, a mortarboard with cape, and the clothes of four of his predecessors, but he quickly settled on this iconic jumper that underlines the show's main concept: Doctor... Who?!
Coupled with our 100% Silk Scarf (sold separetly) , this jumper is a must-have item for fans of McCoy's dark but witty Doctor, who first appeared in 1987's Time and the Rani. Its special carry case makes it a fantastic collectible -
or you can simply wear yours with pride.
Chest Size: XS-36” / Small-38” / Medium-41” / Large-44” / XL-47” / XXL-50”
Made from Acrylic

Order the 7th Doctor Jumper here.
$79.99 cnd each Shipping $5. 
Choose your Size

7th Doctor Umbrella
7th doctor umbrella open look 7th doctor umbrella closed with sleeveclose up of the handle of the 7th Doctor Umbrella
$45.00 CND Dollars plus shipping
For this wonderfull replica of the 7th Doctor's Umbrella
This is a wonderfull and functional item. I personally met Sylvester McCoy last October and presented him with one of these Umbrellas. He was so happy that he said he would be taking it with him in the future to all of his conventions.  
So Cool, so if you see him with it, that is mine.
7th Doctor Umbrella $45. Cnd plus
10.99 Shipping  (Taxes Included)

7th Doctor Bandana ( Hat band)
This officially licensed BBC
Seventh Doctor Hanky
 is great for collectors and cosplayers.
When Ken Trew designed the Seventh Doctor’s outfit in 1987, the BBC purchased about 20 red hankies which wrapped around his panama hat... and Sylvester McCoy stepped out in his now-iconic costume in Time and the Rani.
This incredibly-detailed hanky finishes off the Seventh Doctor look perfectly for cosplayers and collectors alike.
Digitally printed onto 100% cotton
Made in Italy
Delivery 4-6 weeks Special Order. 
50 x 50 cm

7th Doctor Silk Scarf
Official BBC Doctor Who
Seventh Doctor Authentic Silk Scarf
Alongside the Seventh Doctor Jumper, the silk scarf completes this unforgettable Doctor's look, worn by Sylvester McCoy from 1987's Time and the Rani to the Classic series' conclusion with 1989's Survival.
It's an ideal present for a Whovian for Christmas,
or birthdays - or any special occasion.
Made from 100% pure silk
Size: 170cm x 30cm
$49.99 including shipping

The 5th Doctor Cricket Sweater
The Only Fifth Doctor Sweater
Officially Licensed by the BBC!
Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor is one of the most popular incarnations of the world's favourite Time Lord - and deservedly so! He fought the Black Guardian, Cybermen, Silurians, and Sea Devils before sacrificing himself on Androzani Minor: this fresh-faced man who came and went like a summer cloud always looked every bit the hero.
Following Davison's original cricket whites notion, our officially-licensed Fifth Doctor Sweater is based on his much-loved Season 19 and 20 look. What's more, he also wore it for the 20th anniversary special, The Five Doctors, and 2007's charity short, Time Crash, which featured both the Fifth and Tenth Doctors - the first multi-Doctor
story of the revived show!
Chest Size: XS-36”/ Small-38”/ Medium-41” / Large-44” / XL-47” / XXL-50”
Made from Acrylic
Delivery 4-6 weeks as some sizes are not in stock yet.
Order the 5th Doctor Jumper here.
$89.95 CND each Shipping and Tax included
Choose your Size

Back In Stock  
this cool Tardis Scarf .

Tardis Scarf
$39.95 CND for the
Tardis Scarf.

Choose Scarf or Hat style

A Matt Smith Fez and Bow Tie
Costume Grade bow tie and fez.

Fez and Bow tie Mini Fez and bow tie
Only $24.99CND for your choice of the set
Including shipping and Tax
Choose your Style
Order your Fez Now
 These cosplay UNIT Berets are available in Classic and Modern
Modern Unit Beret from Doctor WHO Classic UNIT Beret from Doctor WHO
A Great addon for Cosplay or just fun. A Unit costume is a shirt away with these Berets.
Unit Beret are $19.95CND ea
Choose your Beret
Choose your Beret Wisely

Shipping included , in Canada Taxes are also Included

We now have a costume Grade Doctor WHO Licensed
Bow Tie Now  Only $12.99 including shipping and taxes
This one cannot be
untied and retied .
Costume grade bow tie
Bow Tie Costume grade $12.99 ea order now

50th Anniversary Bow Tie
50th anniversary Purple Bow Ties
The 50th Anniversary Bow Tie arrives in this cool collectible  carboard display box  with a magnetic catch and some Galefaien text on it. A representation of the box
Matt Smith pulled out of the
bottom of the Tardis.
Order your 50th Anniversary Bow Tie Now

Shipping Included, In Canada Taxes also Included.

Fashion show of the 50th bow tie  check out this tie
Suspenders Burgandy or
Purple 50th Anniversary style

Purple suspenders detail on the back.

What you should do with suspenders  alternate view of the supspenders, purple style Check me out, cool suspenders
Here is what the red Suspenders look likeBack look at the Doctor WHO LogoCloseup of the Logo on the back of the red suspenders
Choose The  Colour for Your Suspenders
Choose your Size

Delivery Included and in Canada Taxes Included.
Special order 4-6 weeks right now.

How about a neck tie from the 50th Anniversary . David's special neck tie .

Anniversary neck tie
I have seen these in my Elope Catalogue for some time, but the light just went on to see that they are an important Cosplay item.
So here you go, Order one now $20.
Including Shipping and Taxes.
Order your Tie Now.

Check out these Great Doctor WHO Cosplay Lapel Pins.
$34.99CND each including shipping and Taxes in Canada
Celery Pin for the 5th Doctor,
Celery Pin Box Celery Pin frontDoctor WHO Celery Pin back
Pin for the 4th Doctor

$th Doctor Painer Pin Box Doctor WHO painter pinPainter pin back
Cat Pin for the 6th Doctor .
Cat Pin Box Cat Pin Doctor WHOCat Pin Back
Please fee free to click the image to see a larger version.
Only $34.99CND each shipping included
Choose your Doctor 
Choose your PIN Wisely

Shipping Included, In Canada Taxes Also Included.

Now that we have seen all the great Cosplay Accessories,
check out the Fully Licensed
Doctor WHO Coats and Jackets .

Many Many shirts are available for Doctor Who Tardis, Dalek , and Doctor styles are available. 


Men's Shirts
Junior Sized Dr. Who ShirtDr. Who Dalek Poster shirt 2xl only Dr. WHO Exterminate shirtDr. WHO Dalek Poster
Dalek Invation Earth Shirt Doctor WHO Dalek Poster Shirt
Dr. Who and the Daleks Pajama Pants .

Dr Who pj pants
Now available for Order
Sizes men's Small to XL, 2xl $39.99
$35.99CND including taxes and shipping
Choose your Size
Choose your size please

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our Doctor WHO Bar and Kitchenware

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