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Mr Huffle is Here,    
Sort Of!

Mr Huffle Merchandise is on the way. First Up is this great
10 ounce Mr Huffle Mug.
Dishwasher safe with the original Mock Up Image of Mr Huffle.
This Mr Huffle mug is only $25.00 US and can be bought now here.
Mr Huffle MUG, Buy it Now
 Price included shipping and taxes . Delivery time is 4-6 weeks.
Mr Huffle Mug

More Doctor WHO Mugs

Tardis stein mugTravel mug
Doctor WHO mugs,  two very popular ones.
The disapearing TARDIS is the most popular of the mugs.

When you put your hot drink in the mug,
the TARDIS disapears from one side on the street and
reappears on the other side in outerspace.

Click the mug to see it in action.
Cold  Front & Back
Cold on the front Tardis Disapearing MugThe reverse when cold
Now the Front & Back When Hot
The front of the Tardis Mug but when hotThe Tardis Mug when hot on the rear.  
This is the coolest of the Doctor WHO mugs.
The one everyone wants, the one everyone buys first.
The Disappearing TARDIS Mug.
This is a handwash only mug, so do not even think about putting it in the DISHWASHER.
Michael Rodent's has found that many of the items we used to sell generate a better revenue when we send you to the maker to buy. The cost of freight for small companies like us has almost priced us out of the market, but getting the bigger companies to ship and pay us a small commission works well for us. You can now buy the Disappearing TARDIS Mug at the Maker, The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Click the link below. Only $15.95 US dollars and they have FREE Shipping on $50. in the USA.
 Disappearing Dr. Who Tardis Mug
Now the other great Doctor WHO mug is the
Dalek Blueprint MUG.

Actually , Officially
Genesis of the Daleks Mug

Prof. Bracewell's genuine blueprints for the design of the Dalek.  Doctor Who's long-time nemesis.
Dalek blueprint mug , Prof. Bracewell's Ironside.
Only $15.95 USD for the Dalek Mug Click the link to buy
Dalek Genesis - $15.95USD
from: Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Disappearing Weeping Angel Mug

Weeping Angel Disappearing mug
Weeping Angel Mug is creapily cool.
Put your hot drink in the mug and the Angel disappears
from the front and reappears on the back to attack you. Click the Link to order
Weeping Angel - $15.95USD
from: Unemployed Philosophers Guild

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Also Makes
The Doctor WHO Salt & Pepper   and more.
We used to bring these in and ship out ourselves but as I said it is too diifficult with the cost of freight now, so please order directly by clicking the links and save .

Doctor Who Salt & Pepper - $19.95USD

from: Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Doctor Who Creamer & Sugar - $24.95USD

"Would you care for some tea?"

What more chilling question has a Dalek ever asked?

Now your creamer has an eyestalk and death ray and your sugar is in the TARDIS!

Every cup of tea can be a work of genius* as Time Lords and Daleks meet over a cuppa thanks to this intergalactic cream and sugar set!

*DISCLAIMER: creamer may be evil genius

The Soup and Sandwich is great, but costs me so much to ship so order direct and get free shipping with a $50. order
Doctor Who Soup & Sandwich - $39.95USD

Serve your guests chips and salsa or your favorite party dip in the TARDIS as it flies through the Time Vortex, or enjoy your soup and sandwich like the last of the Time Lords!

Please buy direct from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild and I get a small Commission, you get a better price and free shipping on $50 orders in USA 

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