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Doctor WHO Socks for Men & Women

Socks , Socks and More Socks

Mens Socks available in  2 packs of Crew Size .
Each package included 2 pairs of socks with Doctor WHO themes and logos.
Fits men's shoe size 9-13  foot.
Made in Korea for softness and quality.97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
Machine wash these great Doctor WHO Socks in cold water with like colors to keep them FANTASTIC for a long time.

You can choose one of many styles or buy them all. You have 2 feet and beed to wear socks every day!

Styles available :

Tardis Large Design Blue and White with a Dalek Large Design Grey, Black and White with a light blue heel.  The bottoms of all of these Doctor WHO socks have the Doctor WHO Name and BBC logo on them.

Time Lord  Socks with Black and White Tardis and TARDIS on the Foot Bottom and  a red Stripe pair with a Black and White TARDIS Splash and Doctor WHO in  black on the bottom of the Foot.

Cybermen Socks in Blue and Black and White Cyberman head with the Doctor WHO and BBC logo on the bottom of the foot with a grey pair with repeating small black Tardis'. This Tardis pair has black toe and heel with white DOCTOR WHO and BBC logo on the bottom of the foot.

These are all great socks, well made (Korean socks are the best) , for every day or formal wear. We like people to wear the sock, not just add to the collection in the cupboard or closet.

Now here we have Unisex Crew Socks in single pairs of mis matched socks.
Each pair has a character on one foot and the picture of the character on the other foot. Greta for mis-match sock day.
These are a Unisex size , so if you have a size 13 foot I would not recoment them for you.

There are 3 patterns available.
The Doctor on one foot and Peter Capaldi on the other foot.

The Silence Name  and a picture of something on the other, I just do not remember what the picture is right now. I will post it when I remember.

The third pattern has the Cyberman Name on one foot and a picture of a Cyberman on the other foot.

For the Ladies or if you like Knee High socks ,
we have several patterns in single pairs in a foot size  4 - 10 .

First Off we have a black sock with three TARDIS down the leg, one dark blue, one light blue and one white . The foot bottom again has the Doctor WHO name and BBC logo in white.
97% polyester and 3% spandex again made in korea.

Next we have available the blue pair of knee highs with  a I Heart  The Doctor  down the leg. The heart has a union flag pattern in it. The foot botton in has the Doctor Who name and BBC logo on it.

Finally we have another black Knee High sock with a script like wording saying "I AM
and a blue and white Tardis image
The foot bottom again has the Doctor WHO words and BBC logo in white.

So much fun all these Doctor WHO socks.

Ladies Over the Knee socks are out of stock right now, but if you reall want some, let us know and we can tell you when they are back in stock.

If you want socks for your children, you have to tell us. These children;s Doctor WHO socks have to come in from the UK and that makes them more expensive than adult socks.

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