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Really, a year without any NEW Doctor WHO.

So why don't we play some games.

Story cube games
Just introduced at SDCC, Doctor WHO Story Cubes are creating a buzz in the Whovian world.  I personally think that they are a great COLLECTIBLE with all the images on the cubes.
But even more, I think these are a great family game night adventure .
For the more mature of us, a  great party game.
I can just see a bunch of us around a table, a few drinks in hand ( of any kind ), telling stories of growing up on Gallifrey .
Well, I am not sure what type of stories we would tell,
because that is the beauty of the Doctor WHO Story Cubes.
9 Cubes , 6 sides each, so 54 different images to base your story on!
Every roll and differnt people around the table, the laughing, the tears. A great adventure every time.
I am already imagining me telling stories at our run of conventions, where is my mike and amp?

So sort of longwinded there, What are "Rory's" Story Cubes ?
The idea started in Ireland.
After a sucess with basic story telling, "RORY" is moving on into Licensed Character versions. Doctor WHO, Batman, Scooby DOO , Looney Tunes and MOOMINS.

Of course you are all here for the Doctor WHO style, but Michael Rodent's will be offering the other versions as well.

Doctor WHO licensed Story Cubes.
You can see the Cubes (dice) have iconic images from the World of Doctor WHO. Sonics, Time Vortexes, Cybermen, Daleks, The Consol Room and more.
The packaging is nice an compact and each ser will come with a lidded box to store the Cubes in . Great for traveling, camping , at home, at school.
Be some of the first in your group to get a set of the Doctor WHO story Cubes.
Order In stock Now.
Doctor WHO Story Cubes 3-4 week delivery 

More Doctor WHO Games to Follow.

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